Chrono Trigger was released for Super Nintendo in March 1995.

It’s about unlikely friends who travel through time to save the world from a hopeless, apocalyptic future. It’s widely hailed as one of the best video games of its time — perhaps one of the best ever made.

Its core themes: That hubris and ignorance can destroy entire civilizations. Teamwork and sacrifice make a better future.

It also reminds us that everything has its time. Everything must end, and make way for the next.chrono 3.gifJumping across thousands of years gives players a perspective on this world that few games offer. In fact, the literal key to their time travel is a royal pendant — an heirloom that connects generations and accrues meaning over time.

This game’s story, art, character design, and especially music, inspired a generation — including me.

Amelia has drawn endless fan art, decorated her room, and listens to the soundtrack at bedtime since we started playing. She’s a Chrono Trigger super fan! And I love seeing her mind wrap around concepts like time travel paradoxes.


The game has an emotional ending, and we cried a little because she “just wants to play with me forever.” I’m grateful for our time bonding over this special game.

Many viewers have shared this sentiment:



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